Merpig and Friends

Be yourself with Merpig!

About Merpig

Merpig was alone for a long time

Do you ever feel like you’re lost, or like you don’t fit in anywhere? Like you’re too different from everybody around you?

Merpig understands you. Because really you are uniquely you, and you are MERMAZING the way you are.

Merpig grew up feeling bad about who she was. She didn’t fit in with the other land pigs and she didn’t fit in with the sea mammals.

Merpig nibbling on sea grass

Merpig went through life alone for a very long time, nibbling sea grasses, munching on low hanging fruit from trees that grew by the estuaries and inlets, and searching for family and friends who would accept her.

Merpig was not welcome at the mud bath with the land piglets

When merpig emerged from the ocean and skedaddled into the mud bath with fellow piglets they laughed at her when they saw her ocean tail and ran away.

When Merpig tried to join the seals on the rocks to sun herself and play with them they laughed at her and swam away.

Seals wanted nothing to do with Merpig

Merpig found dolphins and tried to join them in their swims and games. But dolphins, porpoises, and whales shunned her because she was unique. They could tell she was a sea mammal, but she was different from them, and it made them feel uncomfortable. They didn’t know what to make of her.

Her land pig family had shunned her and the dolphin people who were her relatives did not acknowledge her as part of the family. She felt very alone and very sad for a long, long, time.

But eventually Merpig found her tribe! Merpigs live together in a secret cove full of delicious sea and land fruits and vegetables that fit the merpig physiology perfectly. And our very own Merpig found this cove. She found other Merpigs very much like her, but each one was unique.

They are all different colors. Some Merpigs have pink skin or brown skin or green skin or blue skin or purple skin. They have beautiful scales in a rainbow of colors on the lower halves of their bodies.

Some Merpigs have peach fuzz growing on their skin on the top halves of their bodies and some of them have smooth skin that resembles their dolphin cousins.

Some of merpigs have flippers at the end of their forelegs and some of them have little piggy hooves. Some of them have big ears and long lashes. Some of them have short ears and blue eyes or green eyes or purple eyes or brown eyes.

Some merpigs have long frilly tail fins and some of them have streamlined elegant and simple tail fins.

There are boy merpigs and girl merpigs and everybody in between. And they are all beautiful.

Now Merpig is not alone! She feels so happy to finally have friends who love her and understand her.

Merpig invites you into this special secret cove where you can be whoever and however you are and be the mermazing you that you have always been but might have never acknowledged before.

About Zoe Zuniga Creator of Merpig

Zoe Zuniga was walking on the beach one day when she thought of merpig. Merpigs have been around for a very long time just like mermaids and merkittens but the goddess of mermaids was calling to Zoe that day on the beach and she felt compelled to create merpig drawings, paintings, and sculptures and jewelry designs and hasn’t stopped since. You can see more of Zoe’s artwork and other projects at

Zoe has been drawing since she was a little kid and has refused to stop even when the encouragement was not there. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and worked as an illustrator in Boston where she also studied dance and did lots of other impractical things over the years. When she returned to California she taught Salsa dance. At the moment, Zoe teaches Pilates part time and works on her Creative business full time with several websites and platforms. Stay tuned for more Merpig art in 2D and 3D figurines and jewelry.